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Why Howl?

We cut through the digital noise to give you what matters, faster

Most community groups aren't productive. They overwhelm you with content and notifications that you don't care about. Howl is different. We connect you to local, relevant, and urgent content from people that matter: family, friends, and local neighbors. When it's from Howl, you know it's important.

No more bloated community groups

Community groups have ballooned to include irrelevant topics and unfamiliar people. Local content doesn’t appeal to the masses of these oversized groups.  As a result, local and important topics are overshadowed by political rants, items for sale, trolling, and other spam. Algorithms control the conversation.

When you sign up for Howl, you automatically connect with your most important local groups → your Street and Town. Your Street Group is exclusive, so you know who your audience is and can confidently engage in hyperlocal conversations. The much larger Block and Town Groups are kept in check through our upvote/downvote system. Users are instructed to upvote positive, productive, and local content, and downvote the rest. On Howl, algorithms don’t determine what’s relevant. You do.

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