Why Howl?

More productive communities and safer families.

Right now there isn’t a place for people who only want the important stuff. Most social apps aren't productive. They overwhelm you with content and notifications that you don't care about. Howl is different. We help you stay safe and informed, while staying sane. When it's from Howl, you know it's important.

When it's from Howl, you know it's important.

Bloated online groups

Notifications from community groups have ballooned to include topics and people that aren't important to us. We've become too timid to post, because our audience has become too large and varied. Today’s social platforms leave its members to figure out how to make their connections productive.

When you sign up for Howl, you automatically get connected with your most important local channels → your street and town (block channels coming soon!). Your street channel is exclusive, so you know who your audience is and you won’t get bothered with things that aren’t relevant to you. Use Block and Town groups to better understand what content is most relevant to you based on how close it is to your home.

Easier emergency communication

We noticed that home security systems were restrictive. Home security devices have a range of vulnerabilities: they can’t help you if you leave your home and burglars know that you rarely arm your security system during the daytime—motivating approximately 40% of break-ins. 60% of convicted burglars agree that they look for the presence of security cameras before entering a residential property and 40% agree that they look for an easier target in case surveillance cameras are present.

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