Efficient and fast communication.

Alert who you want, when you want. Emergency communication has never been easier.

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A woman wearing a jacket, beanie, and surgical face mask on a train pointing her phone toward the window.

How it Works

Howl's alert system is powerful. It lets you send free alerts to your emergency contacts from anywhere in the United States when you think you might be in danger. The Premium plan lets you alert first responders and your emergency contacts at the same time - for efficient and fast emergency communication.


Add family and friends to your Pack, aka your emergency contacts


In Trouble?  Use your voice-assistant to say: “Alert Pack!”


Your pack can get directions to your location, call you or your local police


Safety your way



Unlimited Pack members
Sync voice assistants
Community map
No first responder support
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/ month
Unlimited Pack members
Sync voice assistants
Community map
Alert Fire, Police, or Medical at the same time as your Pack
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