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How it works

Howl's Voice Activated Alert

Emergency communication isn't always straightforward. That's why there's Howl's Voice Activated Alert, a paid subscription inside the free Howl mobile app. This feature enables anyone to alert a dispatch agent, who will call the phone number on your account and ask if you need Police, Medical, or Fire assistance. This is the same trusted service as traditional home monitoring, re-imagined and at a fraction of the cost. This service can only be used with a subscription to Howl’s Voice Activated Alert feature in the Howl mobile app, available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Using your voice assistant

Speak your voice assistant's activation phrase, then say: “...Alert Pack” to activate an alert. When you send an alert, the dispatcher will call you twice. If you don't respond, and set off the alert through Alexa or Google Assistant, Police will be sent to the address associated with your Alexa or Google Assistant account. After sending an alert, to cancel it, speak your voice assistant's activation phrase, then say:“... Cancel” and say your 4-digit Cancellation PIN. Customize your PIN after you subscribe to the Voice Activated Alert in the Howl mobile app.

Sending an alert manually

To activate your alert manually, simply go into your profile in the Howl mobile app and use the red slider. If you sent an alert manually through the mobile app, didn't answer the dispatcher's phone calls, and have location permissions turned on, Police will be sent to the location determined in the app.

Cancel anytime. You must subscribe to Howl's Voice Activated Alert feature before syncing your voice assistant and using it to send an alert. Learn More

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In Trouble?  Use your voice assistant to say: “...Alert Pack!”


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