Travel With Howl

September 2, 2020

When  Howl app has a mobile voice alert that can easily be triggered in the event of an emergency. This is great for trips to unfamiliar places alone or with your family. If you ever feel that you are in danger in your travels simply tell Siri or Google Voice, "ALERT PACK!” and Howl will trigger an alert and send your exact GPS location to all of your emergency contacts. From there anyone can call the authorities where you are and give you the help you need.When you are alone traveling, you can subscribe for only $4.99/month to Howl monitoring. When you alert pack with this feature, you will be able to directly alert the authorities via voice activation with your exact location.Here is an example of how Howl will help.Frequent travelers visit new cities all the time. Sometimes on their free-time they go for a walk to check out the local neighborhood. While crossing the street they see someone on the other side of the road get hit by a car. Wanting to help, they run to the person that had just been struck by the car. Not having the time to make a phone call and help the person at the same time, they alert pack while they are helping. The Howl user is subscribed to monitoring so an ambulance was seamlessly called to their exact location without them having to waste time talking to a 911 operator.