Travel Safety from Howl

September 2, 2020
Woman in a hat and yellow insulated jacket strolling down an alleyway while pulling a suitcase.

We've all heard the farewell, "Safe travels." Well, with Howl facilitating travel safety, now it's more than just words. Howl users can view news, crime, and events in any new location and quickly trigger security alerts in any pinch. This is essential for trips to far-off or unfamiliar places, either with family or flying solo. Whenever your safety is in question, simply "Alert Pack!” manually or via voice-activation, and Howl will share your GPS location with all of your emergency contacts, providing options to call you directly or call 911 on your behalf. This guards the personal safety of the traveler. But it also ensures the piece of mind of loved ones at home, as they'll always know you're safe and within reach. So stay close no matter how far with Howl.

How Use Case for Travel Safety:

A Howl user travels to Puerto Rico for a wedding. After a long night living la vida loca, the user stumbles down a dark, unfamiliar street. As they round the corner to their hotel room, the user notices a stranger approaching them in a threatening manner–face hidden, hands in pockets. The user turns and walks in a different direction. It soon becomes clear that the stranger is following them.Rather than confront the stranger and risk an altercation, the user simply opens the Howl app and presses the alert button, sounding a loud alarm deterrent and sending GPS-pinned security alerts to their Pack. The stranger flees at the sound of the alarm as Pack members and fellow celebrants locate the user and make sure he returns to his room safely. To celebrate the disaster averted, the user invites over some Pack members. They resume la vida loca from the safety of the hotel room.Download Howl for iPhoneDownload Howl for AndroidMore Howl Use Cases