Security for the Elderly

September 2, 2020
Elderly woman and middle-aged woman sitting on a park bench smiling at each other.

The Howl safety app is a security necessity for your elderly loved ones.  We're all aware of those clunky life alert devices that older folks wear around their necks. But what happens if the user falls in the bathroom and doesn't have their life alert necklace on?  Or, worse, what if they can't move their arms to activate it?  Also, aren't you bound to press a button around your neck accidentally?  Like, I don't want the ambulance showing up just because I hugged Grandma.   Howl is smart security, and it's always with you and your loved ones, no matter where you are or what the emergency.  In addition to activating security alerts with the press of a button in the Howl app, Howl users can trigger alerts via voice activation on their smartphone, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod. Just say, “Alert Pack!” and your voice assistant will sound a security alarm while sharing the GPS-pinned alert with your predetermined emergency contact list (we call it a Pack), who can call 911 on your behalf or come to you directly.  Can life alert do that?  

Howl Use Case for Elderly Security:

An old woman living alone falls in her living room and, you guessed it, can't get up.  She yells “Alexa, Alert Pack!” An alarm sounds, informing anyone within earshot of the emergency.  Her children, grandkids, and neighbors all receive security notifications that she's in trouble, with GPS coordinates detailing her exact location. A neighbor around the block rushes to check on her.  Meanwhile, a family member calls and directs an ambulance to her address. Without Howl, she could have lied there, undiscovered, for who knows how long.  Instead, she got help in the fastest, most effective way possible.  So remember: life alert can't hear you.  Howl is simple, smart, effective security for any emergency.  Download Howl for iPhoneDownload Howl for AndroidMore Howl Use Cases