New Updates, A New Look

September 2, 2020
Man sitting cross-legged on a couch holding his phone with the Howl app open.

We've made some new updates to our team and the application over the past few months. We've become "fitter, happier, more productive". A major change is how we handle our user groups. We feel it's more secure and better for our end users at the end of the day.Over the next few months you will notice more changes, including new features, new products and services. This is all in the end goal of creating a complete system you can use daily to create a better quality of life and peace of mind for yourself.We are asking our existing users to recreate their accounts. While this isn't ideal; we ask for your patience and know this will help create a better experience in the long term.We hope you like the updates to the system as we think they will give you a much better experience.