Lost Pets Get Found with Howl

September 2, 2020
Woman walking her dog on a trail path.

Get the protection of a home security system while walking your furry little furry friend, especially late at night. And in the event of lost pets, engage the community to help find them. When encountering a threat on your walk, trigger voice-activated security alerts via your smartphone; just say the relevant wake command, then “Alert Pack!” (or press the alert button manually in your Howl app). Your phone will sound an alarm notifying anyone in the proximity of your situation and send alerts to your Pack, providing your GPS location as well as options to call you or call 911 on your behalf. If you subscribe to Howl monitoring for $4.99/month—whether your Pack isn't big or near enough, or you just want a more robust security response—alerts will also be routed to local authorities. Access your Howl Byte camera directly from your phone, wherever you are, to check-in on your pet at home.And find lost pets by engaging your community via the Howl Map for all relevant security updates.

Howl Use Case for Lost Pets and Pet Owners:

A Howl User is walking their dog late at night when they notice a car slowly following them. They quickly "Alert Pack!" and the Howl Alarm blasts. The stalking driver hears the security alarm and speeds off. Simultaneously, Pack members are notified of the User's whereabouts and come to their aid. The User then receives a call from their parents to make sure they're safe. Finally, the User posts an incident update on their Howl Map so that neighbors are aware of the security threat and can take necessary precautions. If the pet was accosted or ran away during this incident, the User can also post the last known location of their dog and solicit any lost pet updates from their surrounding community.

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