Howl - Some Say It Takes a Village; We Say It Takes a Pack!

September 2, 2020

June 3, 2019

Thyme Carter

If you have been following our journey on our Instagram, you might have seen us post about a company named Howl. They are based out of New Jersey (correction: New York!) and are doing some remarkable things when it comes to security. We are affiliates of theirs and with their recent revamps on their app, we thought it would be appropriate to give them a spotlight on our blog and express how important this app is to us and how we believe everyone should have it.

Howl is an app that provides on the go security. The base version of the app is free. You can create what they call a pack, kind of like a wolf pack. Those that are in your pack are basically your emergency contacts. By creating your pack, if you are ever in danger you can alert your pack and your GPS location will immediately be sent to your pack in a text and they can call 911 for you and tell them exactly where you are located. To us, this is even better than services like ADT. Security services like that are great, but they are only helpful if you are at home. If you are out on the town or at a friend’s house, they would not be much help. This is where Howl is here to help you.

To take everything a step forward, there is a paid version of the app. For $5.99 a month, you can unlock extra features. That is cheaper than Netflix and other streaming services and can be affordable for even a college student. With the paid version, you will be able to alert the proper authorities (ambulance, police, and fire department) directly. Just like how you can alert your pack at the touch of a button, the same goes for the police. This is amazing for the cost and discreetness. You don’t have to take the time to dial a number and speak to someone. This option allows you to protect your self anywhere you go. Not only is your security on the go with you, but so are your local police.For more information please visit There are so many more features that we haven’t even listed, from their panic button to their compatibility with the Amazon Echo devices. If you do take the time to download this app, please use our print code (EVNS). We would love to know how many people we have reached and how many people have benefited from this amazing app.