HOWL Mobile Alert Process Tutorial

September 2, 2020

Yes, HOWL is the first voice-activated security solution on the planet. But that doesn’t mean you need an Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistant to use it. HOWL works directly, and completely, through the HOWL app on your smartphone.A major component of our mission is to bring security to the masses, to make people safer wherever they are or whatever their socioeconomic background. Well, not everyone has a voice assistant. And even if you do, you often, or perhaps predominantly, require protection when you’re AWAY from home.  Whether you're driving through a strange neighborhood, hiking in the wilderness, walking home alone, or on a Tinder date, we've got you covered.The HOWL app allows you to send emergency alerts to your Pack directly from the app homepage on your smartphone. By holding down the alert button for three seconds, your Pack will receive alerts (text, email, app push notification) that you are in trouble, with your GPS pin to locate you, as well as options to call you directly or call 911 on your behalf. This is all free.Watch our short video detailing how it works below, and remember: you’re always safer in a Pack.