HOWL Alert Provides Web Development Assistance to YWCA of New York City

September 2, 2020
Benjamin Falvo, CIO
Eliminating racism empowering women YWCA New York plus Howl.

HOWL Alert is assisting The YWCA of New York City for maintenance on their website and any web features for the year of 2018. The company is contributing in-kind support to this endeavor. "We are committed to the efforts of the YWCA as they fall within the umbrella of our mission to better our community." said Benjamin Falvo, HOWL CIO. "YWCA projects like their STEM initiative and work with Girls Who Code inspire us to be a part of the good work that they are doing."Donald Vogel, YWCA of New York Chief Development Officer said, “I have had the pleasure of working with Ben Falvo on our website and appreciate his passion for our mission in diversity and inclusion. A movement doesn’t ‘move’ without the commitment and level of expertise he devotes to our cause.” Women have long had a say in the workings of home security from the invention of the home security system in 1966, by a nurse named Marie Van Brittan Brown in Jamaica, Queens, NY to our own coding and development team today. HOWL is committed to innovation and know all voices at the table help in this effort.