Child Safety from Howl Keeps Kids Close

September 2, 2020
Young boy on father's shoulders, both father and son holding their arms up and flexing their muscles.

For any parents with child safety concerns–i.e. all parents–Howl is your new best friend. Rest assured that your kids are safe and within reach, whether they're at school, traveling, partying with friends, playing in the park–you name it. And, as we've all told our sons and daughters throughout their lives, if they're ever in trouble, they can call you. In fact, Howl is the fastest, smartest, safest way to notify anyone in any emergency from anywhere on the planet. So keep you kids close no matter how far with child safety from Howl.

Howl Use Case for Child Safety:

One night at his first frat party, a freshman drinks too much and wanders off. Then, given the new, unfamiliar surroundings and aforementioned intoxication, he gets totally lost. He can hardly speak, much less figure out how to get home. As far as child safety goes, one might say it's severely lacking in this situation. Fortunately for him, Howl is at hand. The user alerts his Pack. As a result, his friends become aware that he's strayed off campus, and they come directly to him. They give him a bottle of water and walk him home. Also, having received a security alert, his parents call to directly confirm that he's okay. So he assures them that he is, and they're all grateful to have averted disaster through fast, seamless communication. At long last, child safety is here with Howl. Download Howl for iPhoneDownload Howl for AndroidMore Howl Use Cases