Campus Safety for College Students

September 2, 2020
Girl holding books and carrying a backpack smiling at the camera on college campus.

Campus safety will keep any parent awake at night.  Now, Howl lets you rest easy by knowing that your kids can call out to you whenever they're in trouble–and you'll always hear them.   In addition to activating security alerts with the press of a button in the Howl app, Howl users can trigger voice-activated alerts on their smartphone, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod. Simply say, “Alert Pack!” and your voice assistant will sound a security alarm while sharing a GPS-pinned alert with your Pack, who can call you, 911 on your behalf, or come straight to you.  College students can also add Campus Safety officers directly to their Pack.If you subscribe to Howl monitoring for $4.99/month—whether your Pack isn’t big or near enough, or you just want a more robust security response—alerts will also be routed to local authorities.Wherever your kids are or whatever the emergency, they can always "Alert Pack" to let you know they're in trouble and get help fast.  That, fellow parents, is a campus safety revolution.Additionally students can locate their school on the Howl platform when signing up, join the conversation, and stay up-to-date on news and events around campus.

Howl Use Case for Campus Safety:

A college student studies in the library until 2 AM. Having a long walk back to their dorm, they take a shortcut through a dimly lit area. The student senses someone is walking behind them. Not sure if this person is a threat, they open the Howl app and manually activate a silent alert. Their roommate gets a security alert from the precise GPS location of the student in danger and quickly meets them en route. Though the threat scattered, it was a good thing they had the Howl app handy.  Look out: campus safety just got smarter.

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