Howl's Warrior Program

Howl's Warrior Program

In a wolf pack, warrior wolves are the guardians and protectors of the pack. Howl’s Warrior Program was created to bring together university students to generate awareness and spread our mission to make communities safer through a personal and community alert system. We believe that there is strength in numbers, and we need your help bringing our brand to life, while being recognized with incentives.

Who Our Warriors Are

Our Warriors are active, connected, and social undergraduate or graduate students who are passionate about keeping others safe and in a world that is constantly changing. If you are an outgoing and strong leader, involved in student activities, and care about your community both on and off campus, then you are a fit for Howl’s Warrior Program.

What You Will Gain

Besides monetary incentives, becoming a Warrior and increasing the number of users on Howl will boost your resume by giving you professional experience, helping you develop impressive marketing skills that will enhance your career aspects after leaving your university. Stay connected, build meaningful relationships, and become an integral part of keeping your community safe. You will have the opportunity to be a part of growing what is the most comprehensive security app on the market.


We need your help to make Howl the #1 security app on campus. This can be achieved through creating content on Howl, which can be anything from crime alerts, like missing people or local arrests, to community alerts, like where to find the nearest food drive. You can also create groups to stay connected to your neighborhood, like “March on the Quad,” “Voter Registration & Elections in Madison,” or “Best Restaurants of Saint Paul.” As a Warrior, you will be expected to bring in new users, including friends, peers, classmates, and family. Use your network to spread the word about Howl and create relevant content that will improve your community. You will be responsible for promoting and sharing our app by requesting users to download Howl from a link that you share on your bio through any social media platform. A new user brought on by you only counts when they download the app AND create a profile. You are encouraged to share the links with as many people as possible.

How to Apply to Be a Warrior

To apply to the program and find out more details about compensation, email with your current college and graduation year, along with an explanation of what makes you a positive community leader, why you want to be a part of this program, and how you plan to spread the word about Howl. Please include social media handles and follower counts. Applicants should download and create a profile on Howl (available on the App Store and Google Play) BEFORE applying.