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No politics, no spam, no ads. When it's from Howl, you know it's important.

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Say goodbye to unproductive neighborhood groups

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Solve local issues and warn neighbors about urgent events nearby

Two arrows: one pointing up and one pointing down to signify upvoting and downvoting.

Downvote digital noise. Upvote helpful content

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Get family, neighbors, and friends emergency help from anywhere in the country

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Exclusive street and town groups

Start having productive interactions with neighbors using your exclusive street group. Share location-specific content privately or open up the conversation to others in your area.

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Section of the mobile app displaying the alert details, after a user sends an alert.

Fast emergency communication

Family, friends, and neighbors can call you, your local police, and get directions to your location, from anywhere in the country. Just invite them to your Pack. Use the app or your voice-assistant. We hope you won’t ever need a panic button. But if you do, it’s always ready.

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No trolls or spam

Howl gives you tools to make your community of family, friends, and neighbors safer. Use the upvote and downvote feature to have your say about what's helpful and what's not.

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Notification cards from the mobile app, including a Search for missing person, Urgent Post, Check-in, Comment reply, and an Activated alert.

Positive and productive

Stop getting notifications for things you don't care about. Howl focuses on time-sensitive events nearby or things that involve you directly.

assemble your pack

Everyone is safer in a Pack

Help family and friends in distress, from anywhere in the United States.


Add family and friends to your Pack, a.k.a your emergency contacts

image of app screen with "My Pack" tab open and Pack members listed.


In Trouble?  Use your voice assistant to say: “Alert Pack!”

Sound waves


Your Pack can get directions to your location, call you or your local police

A simplified app screen with a directions button, call button, and call 911 button.
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What we believe in


Helping people work together to build communities they want to live in.

Safety for everyone

Providing a free alert system that works perfectly when you need it.


Giving people the information they need about their surroundings to make better decisions.

What we don't

Rants, trolls, spam

Important posts get lost among political rants, negativity, and spam.

useless notifications

When it's from Howl, you know it's important.

inefficient community groups

Most online neighborhoods have become bloated in scope and membership, and so don't facilitate productive conversations.

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