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Howl is the best way to raise local awareness, grow your community, and get help when you need it.

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The home screen of Howl app in a phone, with push notification in front that reads: "New post in Running Group". A woman is smiling while holding an ice cream cone to the left of the phone.

Find your community

Stay aware of what’s going on around you. Discover new communities. Help family and friends in danger. Howl combines all the best features of panic buttons and crime reporting apps into the most complete safety app on the market.

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In-app conversation bubbles between two people discussing the need for a railing to be fixed after a recent storm in their community. The chat bubbles float above circle cut-outs of a map, each with an icon representing a type of post.

Community map

Spread awareness

Use the map to create and share location-specific content with the public or group members. Have a cause that you’d like to champion? You can trade information about what’s happening in your neighborhood, or get more people involved in your community’s safety.

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Voice-activated Alerts

Act faster in a Pack

Howl is more than a safety app. It turns your whole phone into a safety device. Our emergency alert system lets you call for help through Siri, Google Home, or Alexa. No more fumbling for the help button in your app. Add emergency contacts to your Pack. Alert them when you're in danger.

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secure and personal

Take control of your safety

Most safety apps out there today only help you when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, we can’t prevent bad things from happening, but we can reduce the odds by building safer communities. Howl gives you tools to make your community and family safer. We hope you won’t ever need a panic button. But if you do, it’s always ready.

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Help family and friends in distress, even when they're far away.

Our emergency alert system just works. You can send free alerts to your Pack from anywhere in the United States when you think you might be in danger. Everyone is safer in a Pack.


Add family and friends to your Pack, aka your emergency contacts

image of app screen with "My Pack" tab open and Pack members listed.


In Trouble?  Use your voice assistant to say: “Alert Pack!”

Sound waves


Your pack can get directions to your location, call you or your local police

A simplified app screen with a directions button, call button, and call 911 button.
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What we believe in


Helping people work together to build communities they want to live in.

Safety for everyone

Providing a free alert system that works perfectly when you need it.


Giving people the information they need about their surroundings to make better decisions.

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